Birth By Design

Baronica Duarte

"Working with Jenny was a wonderful experience. Jenny is compassionate and a very good listener. She puts her whole heart into being a doula. She helped me and my husband to be advocates for ourselves. every step of our pregnancy and delivery Jenny what's available and there when we needed her."

Emily Clapp

"Jenny was awesome in helping me thru delivery with my second baby. She had great tips for managing pain and made the process seem so easy! I HIGHLY recommend her services if you're looking for a Doula!"

"Children are a gift from the Lord " Psalm 127:3

​Client Testimonials

Kara Azavedo

"I had a wonderful experience with Jennifer as our doula. She spent time visiting with me, I appreciated her checking in ...on me, and following up on any appointments with the midwife. She was always available when I needed anything. I had a very quick birth, with very little notice (on a holiday), and she was still at the birth center right away. During labor she provided wonderful back massage to help with pain, and offered encouraging words. Post-labor, she helped to support me and my husband by providing anything we needed. Her follow-up visits to check on me and baby were very nice, and almost six months later, she still periodically checks in on us. She has become a friend, and I would definitely recommend her as a doula. She genuinely cares about her clients, and it shows"

Ashley Pray:

"I am so grateful for Jennifer and the service she provided for me and my family. I highly recommend any women giving birth to get a doula. Here are just a few ways in which Jennifer's service supported me.

 1. I got to reflect with another experienced women (who had birthed 5 children naturally!) on my goals and hopes for my own labor and delivery.  I was also able to discuss my fears and try and get to a place where I was ready and open for my own experience beyond fear.

2. During my labor I had another women (Jennifer) there who knew what I was going thru and lead me thru, moment by moment, one contraction at a time.  I didn't have to depend solely on my husband to provide me all the support, instead I relied on my own bodies inner wisdom and on another experienced woman who gave me new thoughts to think for encouragement, new positions for my body, and new perspectives when I was feeling the most exhausted.

3. Jennifer was there for me for over 24 hours in labor.  When my baby finally introduced himself to this world, Jennifer had become not just my doula but a trusted friend- there to help me welcome my son. Her service to us was so appreciated, I am forever grateful."