* "Water reduces a woman’s inhibitions toward giving birth by diminishing catecholamines, the stress hormones.
* Water allows women to enter a different, more primitive level of consciousness.
* Water promotes relaxation, especially if the room is semi-dark and sounds are reduced.
* Water makes contractions more effective and less painful, thereby shortening labor."

Benefits of Waterbirth

"Children are a gift from the Lord " Psalm 127:3

Birth By Design

Most people look at water as relaxing and comforting. We all know that there is discomfort in childbirth. Research shows that mixing the water and childbirth has great benefits. It provides natural comfort and helps in relaxation in a time that can be hard to relax. Many Midwives encourage the use of birth pools in labor.  Some hospitals have birthing pools, however in the Northern Black Hills area, we are not there yet. Hopefully someday our hospitals will offer this natural comfort option. For those who are choosing to have a home birth, I am sure your midwife would encourage your to get your birth pool reserved well in advance of your due date so that you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of water in your birth.
Warm water has been called the "Liquid Epidural"

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