(AP) is our third born, and second baby girl. She was born 4 years later. This time I had done a lot more research, and I did not have maternity coverage or a desire to lay in bed to deliver. I had no desire to be hooked up to an IV or have medicines that I did not need. We lived in Nebraska and my research lead me to Wyoming where we traveled an hour and a half in labor to deliver with a homebirth midwife in a motel room. ( I did not added that for shock factor but so that you see my absolute desire to have the birth I wanted). I walked, sat on the birth ball, took baths and delivered a healthy baby girl naturally with no medications.​ Breastfeeding was getting better but still a struggle.

"Children are a gift from the Lord " Psalm 127:3

Birth By Design


(R) is our fourth born and second boy.

When I told my husband 3 years later that I was expecting again, we chose not to use the same midwife. After a 6 week search to find a midwife.  I found her, a Colorado midwife named Carrie. This time was different however, Carrie came to Nebraska to deliver our son. I hired my friend, Nikki as my Doula. With this labor I sat on a birth ball, ate, walked around, rested, and delivered (R) in a squatting position. My water broke as he was delivered. I was unmedicated and felt amazing. (R) was my best labor and delivery. He was a great nurser, but I still struggled at times. 

​​​Jennifer McCormick CD(DONA) Doula serving in the Black Hills


(A) is our first born and first baby girl.

​This was our first experience in L & D. I delivered with a hospital midwife, got an IV antibiotic for Group B Strep, 2 shots of Pitocin to speed things up, 2 shots of Nubian to calm the pain down.  I delivered with my feet in stirrups. In the end we had a beautiful baby girl who had the meconium and was whisked to the nursery, I finally got to hold her 2 hours later. I struggled with breastfeeding her.


My Personal Birth Experiences

Why I Become a DOula

If you read about my births below you will understand how I came to my decision to become a doula.

I know I have shared a lot and still there is so much more to each story. After following the "traditional birth checklist" twice at the hospital, and not getting the births that I wanted,  I chose to change my environment and my way of thinking. In May of 2014, I decided to pursue training with DONA International and now I am a DONA certified doula. You don't  have to have a homebirth or a birth center birth to get what you want. You can have an amazing Labor and Delivery in any setting. I am happy to provide doula service in Northern South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming. As a doula I have helped support women in amazing home and hospital births.



(EZ) is our second born and first boy.

​He came 2 years later, same hospital, same midwife, different birth. I was induced a week early with 5 bags of Pitocin and 1 shot of Nubian. I was again given  IV antibiotic for the Group B Strep that I did not have, and yes delivered in stirrups. (I didn't know there was any other way to deliver, nor was I given any other option). I delivered a healthy baby boy, and  went home to find that I had Thrush from the antibiotic that I did not need, and again struggled with breastfeeding.

Jennifer McCormick

Just a little about me, (or a lot)
 I am a homemaker and a homeschooler. I graduated from Cornerstone Bible Institute in Hot Springs. A year and a half later I married my best friend Michael. We have 5 amazing children who all had very different births. I have run the gambit of labor and deliveries which has lead me to this journey of helping empower women in their birth experience. I have also started my own business Birth By Design Doula Services by Jennifer McCormick CD(DONA).



(V) is our fifth born and third boy.

Well we were done, that is until 4 years later when I got pregnant again. We had moved to South Dakota and Carrie (my midwife for (R), now lived in Idaho. I was again on the hunt for a midwife. I found the Black Hills Birth Center. The day I went into labor we drove 45 minutes to the birth center, here I got my natural water birth. The experience was amazing and (V's) birth was a close second to (R's). It was during my visits that my midwife encouraged me Jennifer McCormick to becoming a labor doula in the Rapid City and Black Hills. Breastfeeding was much better this time around, but i still feel that more support would have helped me earlier on.