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Childbirth Education Classes

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Birth By Design is a Dona Certified Doula Service in Rapid City, Spearfish and the Black Hills Areas

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Birth journeys don't all start out the same. We are all in different places of our lives at different times, sometimes by choice and sometimes by circumstances. No matter how your pregnancy has started or the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy, it may not have been planned, but it is not an accident. Now that you are expecting you are going to need support, and a Doula makes a great addition to your support team. I would love to sit down and visit with you about how the benefits of a doula on your birth team. I can help your support person know how to help you,  I can help you adjust to the idea of becoming a mom, or support you through the journey of adoption. As an expectant mother you want to have every resource in your hand to have the birth that is best for you and your baby.

Just because you can't go somewhere amazing doesn't mean that you can't have the amazing birth you want wherever you are.

"Children are a gift from the Lord" Psalm 127:3

  Hi I'm Jennifer McCormick, owner of Birth By Design in Rapid City, South Dakota. Birth By Design DONA Certified Doula Service provides breastfeeding support and labor doula service in Rapid City, Spearfish, Custer and the Black Hills area. As a doula my goal is to serve and support you through your prenatal and postpartum journey.